Month: June 2021

Headmaster’s Notes: Records are made to be broken

25th June 21

Our Sports Day today, a far more significant event in the sporting calendar than the Euros, was a fine example of teamwork and inter house rivalry where pupils, parents and staff shared in the joys of being together as a community. It was certainly a very happy occasion with much support and encouragement for fellow…

Year 4 at Lepe Beach for a Science Trip

18th June 21

The Year 4 outing to Lepe Beach and Country Park took place on a rainy day in June. The outing supports the Geography syllabus about coasts and the Science curriculum on classifying living things, food chains and caring for the environment. The day involves a seashore safari where the children searched for and identifed sea…

Headmaster’s Notes: Creating our own sunshine

18th June 21

Prince’s Mead is an extraordinary community, and over this year we have been reminded on many occasions how supportive and understanding parents have been with the school running under slightly different conditions. It was therefore a genuine pleasure to speak with our Class Representatives this week where we welcomed feedback from you all. It was…

PMA Challenge 70 – A sponsored event to raise funds

18th June 21

This summer, we are delighted to be celebrating the 70th (belated) birthday of Prince’s Mead moving to Worthy Park House. As part of this celebration, we are raising money to buy some really exciting resources for the school – Pre-Prep (including nursery) will raise money for items for their part of the school and Prep…

Headmaster’s Notes: Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

11th June 21

The breadth of opportunity that Prince’s Mead offers outside of the classroom is designed to develop teamwork, self-reliance, ingenuity, leadership, responsibility and a sense of public service in each and every pupil. This week has been no exception with a veritable feast of opportunities for our pupils; with Year 5 enjoying a residential adventure in…

Year 5 Mill on the Brue Gallery

9th June 21

Fantastically happy photos from our wonderful year 5’s at Mill on the Brue!